Paintings; Modern Abstracts

Lately I have decided to follow my whims.  My recent works are more playful than the minimal atmospheric early works.  I realized I never went through a psychedelic phase in my work and I felt the need to look back and remember some very inspiring times in my life so, if the newest works feel a bit retro, that’s why.
Also, my mixed media works with toys are populating surreal landscapes.  These invite the viewer into intimate fantasy worlds.

The focus of my BFA was painting and I have never lost the love of painting.  I created atmospheric panels in early works with multi-layered transparent sprays and washes .  My approach is to use a restrained layering of the thin transparencies or metal leaf over rich under-paintings.  The addition of copper and silver leaf in my works adds a fluid element as tones change from different vantage points.  Those tonal changes then become more complex as they interact with varying qualities of the rich under-painting.  This method gives the canvas a smooth finish, and highlights the abstract imagery.

I am happy to accept commissions if you see something you like but it is sold.  I can work on something new in a similar direction & materials.