Globes; “What in the World?”

The globe series has me experimenting with a vast assortment of adhesives and mixed media in 3-dimensional works. This series is a vehicle through which I can explore a wide variety of themes.  The creation of the intimate dioramas invites the viewer “inside” the works which adds an element of intimacy.

Most of the globes were originally made in the 50’s and 60’s and are of a very hard compressed cardboard material.  Some are plastic and some are a sort of fiberglass mixed in with paper pulp.  It presents a variety of manipulations needed to cut and shape for development of the dioramas.  In many I have added battery powered LED lights and a few have plug in cords.  They can be modified to the preference of a collector.

It’s truly a fun adventure to think up themes and different ways to modify the globes.  I hope the fun part comes through for you!

I’ve entitled this series “What in the World??”