Diary (sold)

acrylic resin, copper leaf, felt, acrylics on dartboard, modified darts,  14″ diameter x 6″ depth,  2014


(My homage to the iconic theme of St Sebastian…
some of those old religious images are unforgettable!)
I don’t know if this needs any explanation…it’s about bullying.
It’s something that I needed to say, being a target of constant bullying when I was young.
It shows how I felt, paralyzed and in pain, wondering what I had done…now I look back and laugh when I consider the source of my pain. Leaving it all behind was the right thing to do…this is for all those kids suffering now. I spent a couple months revisiting the pain and developing this idea and all I can say is, there is no excuse for bullying. When you see it happening, say something.