Artist Statement

“The power of color has been a life long passion.  I’m especially inspired by atmospheric qualities from minimalist and color field painters, which is often evident in my works.  I enjoy developing an abstract visual vocabulary that hints at underlying meanings.  Using an innate sense of relationships, I am creating something new yet with a sense of subconscious familiarity.  I have a passion for creating and I hope to bring the wonder of art to others so they can experience the excitement that woke me up to the world as a youth, and which continues to inspire and raise questions.”

Thanks to my love of nature and the many artists who have helped inspire me in this life of creativity, to name just a few favorites; Jules Olitski, Franz Kline, Adolph Gottlieb, Andy Warhol, Rene Magritte and Mark Rothko.  What a mix!

In my paintings I am often seeking a meditational simplicity through soft sprayed atmospheres contrasted by solid forms.  My mixed media works such as the Globe series and the Action Figure series are more whimsical in nature and often reference pop culture.